4 ways to set up your Facebook Ads for Leads

Facebook Ads

If you don’t already know, Facebook Ads is one of the best strategies right now for growing a home business online.

That’s because of the millions of users, and Facebook’s ability to put your stuff in front of the right people.

The problem is that many folks who run Ads, do not know what to do to make them work.

You need strategy to acquire clicks, leads, team members and customers.

It’s like playing football.

A lot of people can throw a football well. But not many of these people know the strategies it takes to win a football game. It’s much more than your raw ability to throw the ball.

In this post, I’m going to outline one simple strategy that will help.

You’ll learn 4 different ways to set up your Facebook Ads, and the strategy behind them.

The Image Ad

The 3 main components of an Image Ad are the Image, Ad copy, and Ad headline/description.

Most Facebook Ads you see in your news feed are Image Ads.

The image is the most important component because images draw us in. You’ll probably not click on an Ad if the image isn’t interesting.

Your Ad copy is the text you write above the image that encourages people to click.

Your headline/description is located below your image. The headline is in bold, followed by a few lines (description) that gives a little more detail about what you are advertising.

1)Image Ad To A Blog Post

The prospect clicks on your Ad, and is taken to a blog post that gives them helpful content.

People typically get on Facebook for entertainment and content.

When you provide content, your Ad looks like it belongs there….it doesn’t look like an Ad. This is called Native Advertising.

The Image Ad to Blog Post is highly recommended for beginners because it leads with content. When you are a new advertiser, Facebook reviews your Ads more carefully to make sure your Ad obeys their policy.

By sending people to an article, you increase the chances of your Ad being approved.

Of course, you should optimize your blog post to get leads by having one or more calls-to-action (CTA’s), so the reader is invited to click.

You can do this by adding hyperlinks or banners to your blog post. Once they click, they are taken to your capture page.

2)Image Ad to A Capture Page

Now an image Ad to a lead magnet/capture-page is very simple. All you do is send people to your capture page and they opt in to become leads.

Most people I speak with, focus on this type of Ad because its very direct. Once the prospect clicks on the Ad, they are taken to your capture page straightaway.

But there are two things to keep in mind when running this type of Ad.

a. You’ve got to do a good job of giving enough content up-front, so people are encouraged to go to the capture page.

You can write a high quality blog post for the Ad copy, and ask prospects to click to take further action. This brings them to the capture page.

b. Your capture page needs to be congruent with your Ad. This means what you “promise” in your Ad should line up exactly with what’s on your capture page. If it’s not congruent, you run the risk of your Ad not being approved.

The Video Ad

Video Ads have the same basic structure as Image Ads, except the image is replaced by a video.

The cool thing about doing video Ads is that it is typically cheaper than Image Ads.

Remember, the folks at Facebook are all about making sure users get the best experience.

So when you post a video, they reward you by giving your video more reach.

Video Ads are as cheap as 1 cent per view (I typically see 1-3 cents per view).

This means that if you spent $5 per day on an image Ad and $5 per day on a video Ad, you expect the video Ad to reach more people.

So the question is….if video ads are cheaper, then why isn’t everyone using video Ads?

Well, its the same reason why people don’t create videos…….period.


Both Image and Video Ads work. But keep in mind the improved reach you get with video Ads, especially if you’re on a tight budget.

3)Video Ad To A Blog Post

The intention here is simply to point people to your blog post that will provide the content.

So it is a very short teaser video (60 – 90 seconds).

This type of video is all about creating curiosity and piquing interest.

You want to give a call-to-action within the first 7 seconds of this type of video, and then tease people about what your blog post is about.

So for instance, let’s say your blog post talks about ways to get leads, and it’s entitled “3 ways to get leads online.” To create curiosity in your Ad video, you might say something like this……

“These 3 methods I talk about in my blog post will give you more leads than you’ll ever need.”


“One of these 3 methods is really easy and effective, yet most people overlook it.”

So the main reason for this short video is to pique curiosity and drive people to click/read your blog post. It’s a really good skill to learn.

In fact, my friend Kate McShea is excellent at this kind of video. Kate is an expert video marketer and mentor, and has had huge success with Facebook Video Ads. Check out her training, where she teaches how to do a winning 90 second FB video.

4)Video Ad To A Capture Page

Like Image Ads to a capture page, you want to give more up-front content before asking someone to put in their contact information.

So the strategy for this Ad is to do a  teaching video (ideally, 4-6 minutes), where you give good, helpful information.

Then you give a call-to-action at the end, asking people to click on the Ad or CTA button. This takes them to your capture page.

Again, you need to warm people up before asking them to enter their contact details.


So in summary…

  • Each of the 4 simple Ad-types we talked about will get you leads and sales for your business.
  • An Ad (image or video) that sends prospects to a blog post is highly recommended if you’re a beginner or haven’t run many Ads yet.
  • Video Ads are cheaper than Image Ads.


If you’d like to dive deeper into learning Facebook Ads to successfully build your team or make sales, then I highly recommend you check out this 100% FREE traffic workshop.

You’ll discover how you can put together a profitable ad campaign in just 10 minutes a day with as little as $10 in initial ad spend.

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    Excellent articles. I’m reading every one and learning so much in the process. You’re the Awesome Freedom Engineer!

    • Thanks Linda, and I’m glad you are getting a lot of value.

  • Great Article Rich. Reading it all it became very clear that I should face my fears and go video ad.

  • Absolutely a great way to go Keondra!

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    I enjoyed this article Richard. Great value here.

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