What is an attraction marketing funnel?

attraction marketing funnel

Ever wondered what’s the secret “sauce” to sponsoring reps effortlessly online? How do the top earners set themselves up to attract endless leads to their businesses and sign up reps on autopilot? Well it’s because they’ve branded themselves leaders that provide value to other network marketers. That’s basic attraction marketing. Attraction Marketing gives them a…

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3 Steps For Writing Powerful Emails That Build Trust And Brings Sales & Sign-ups


The most important asset for anyone who’s marketing a business on the internet is their email list. Your list is your distribution channel. So instead of paying millions of dollars to build store fronts (or distribution channels) like a traditional business does, you can now make sales using a simple $20/month email follow-up system. Emails…

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Lead Generation | 3 Ways To Get Leads On The Internet & Social Media


If you aren’t getting a daily, consistent supply of leads into your home business, then you don’t have a business. You have an expensive hobby.” – Richard Matharoo Lead generation is the first big challenge for network marketers. When I started my business, my leads were the 83 people I wrote down on paper the…

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