How To Convert Leads You’ve Generated, Into Sales & Sign-Ups


Generating your very own leads is awesome.

However, it’s very frustrating when you just start generating leads, yet failing to convert those leads.

Now, in the beginning, much of your interaction with leads is going to be via the phone. Then, once you get to the point where you have an email follow up system, you no longer need to call your leads as much.

If at all!

And at this point, you begin to make sales and signups in autopilot.

But when you are calling leads, the phone sometimes feels heavy. This happens when you don’t know your power in the conversation and what to say to your prospects.

So the first thing to keep in mind is that…

…your leads are happy to hear from you.

They’ve raised their hand and essentially said, “I’m interested in what I’ve seen from you.”

It’s completely different from say…..buying leads.

The biggest problem with buying leads is that those leads typically do not have an entrepreneurial mindset. They just put in their info on a website because it seemed like a quick, easy way to make some money. Many times, they don’t even remember doing this.

Add to the fact that the lead-seller shares your leads with other networkers, and it’s not a very good situation.

I’m not saying it doesn’t work. Just know the challenges.

But when you generate your very own lead, 95% of those people are pleasantly surprised that you’re reaching out to them.

“It’s nice to speak to a real person”….is what I hear all the time.

You are the human touch many network marketers are looking for. Many of them are simply looking for someone to talk to and help them.

So with this mindset, you should have much more confidence as you pick up the phone.

Secondly, determine in your mind to…

…listen, ask questions, and detach yourself from the outcome.

It sounds cliche, but you must detach yourself from the outcome.

Prospects and leads pick up on your energy, so they can sense desperation or insecurity.

Remember, they opted in to your value, so you are in control of the conversation.

Instead, let them highlight their own problems and pains.

So, how does this look like?

Well, after introducing yourself and stating the reason for your call, you want to lead with a question that gets your prospects talking about themselves..

“So are you currently in a business opportunity or are you currently looking for one?”

Then shut up, listen and start taking notes. Because most people will tell you everything from there. You’ll then know how to proceed to the next stage of your conversation.

Leads fall into one of three Categories.

Once you understand the 3 types of people who’ve opted into your lead magnet, you’ll know which direction to take your conversation….and what questions to ask.

In the love and marriage world, these are single people.

They are free agents who are actively looking to get involved in a business opportunity.

Now It’s awesome when someone indicates they are seeking a business opportunity.

But it’s all about your posture. For example, one top earner said he simply let them know he is in a really good business where people are getting results, and he’d love to work with them.


Another way to close these prospects that works well for me (I learned this from Ray Higdon) is by asking the following question:

“So what has you looking to start a business? What goals are you trying to achieve?”

This question helps them to put emotion behind their decision to look around, so they become more likely to take action.

Then, tell your story!

People are interested in your story. Stories appeal to emotions.

From there, you can explain your business or send your link.

Do you think there are reps who are frustrated with their company of clashing with their upline?

Oh absolutely!

Just like what happened to a friend of mine.

He wondered if he should post his videos on his Facebook personal profile or Fan Page, because he was concerned his upline would see it. See….his upline didn’t like that he promoted his network marketing business online.

Situations like this happen to thousands of reps, which causes them to look for someone to work with.

So if your lead expresses similar frustrations, you can position yourself as someone they will benefit from by working with you.

Keep in mind, you are not unethically pulling people away from their companies. Avoid speaking bad about the person’s company or upline. Just provide yourself as a solution to their frustration.

“So Mr. X, you’ve said that you are not getting results, and not much help. Plus your upline gets angry with you for running your business on the internet. (Good time to tell your story).

Well just so you know, I’ve got an awesome team and mentor, plus a really good process for getting people to reach out to me every day. Now I’m starting to produce results. I believe I can help you, would you be open to working with me?”

If they are open, then show them your business or send over your link.

Most networkers fall into the ‘married’ category.

They love their current business, but need leads.

They are not open to joining your networking marketing business. And your job is not to pull them away from their company. It is to find out what’s missing in their efforts, and provide a solution.

You know they are different from the “dating” folks if they are saying good things about their company or upline.

They may come out and say they simply need to learn how to get leads.

But if not, you can ask them the following question.

“So how are you currently generating leads online at the moment?”

Now part of attraction marketing is benefiting from the people who say “No” to your primary network marketing business.

So what you need is something that can solve this problem for them. Because more than likely, their company cannot show them how to generate leads online.

So what you need is to be able to sell them a training or system that helps them generate leads. This is typically in the form of an affiliate offer.

A system such as Elite Marketing Pro provides such mentorship, tools, and training for network marketers to generate unlimited leads with the internet.

So again, tell your story about how you used this system to help you generate leads in your business.

So in summary:

-Know you have the power in the conversation.

-Introduce yourself to your leads.

-Categorize your leads by asking them if they are currently in a business or looking for one.

-Ask relevant questions to find out their pains and desires.

-Tell your story.

-Diagnose their problems and recommend a solution.

-Have an affiliate offer for network marketers who are not interested in joining your opportunity.

Get more…!

One final secret to help convert leads.

The more leads you’ve got coming in, the more your chances of converting them.

Yes you need to master your conversation, but when you have a lot of fresh leads coming in daily, you increase your chances of sales & sign-ups.

Simple numbers game.

More leads also means you can afford to make mistakes in your conversations, and still win!

So if you don’t have a process that gets you leads in autopilot, then take my 10-Day Online Recruiting Bootcamp, which will teach you how to generate more leads you can handle….in autopilot.



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