Social Media Tips: 4 ways to get Leads with Twitter


Ever wondered how effective is Twitter to getting leads? In today’s post I share a few social media tips that shows how to use Twitter to generate daily targeted leads for your business.

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Using Twitter as a Lead Generation Strategy

Twitter sort of flies under the radar because of the popularity of Facebook. One expert I know called it the “red headed step-child.”  Hilarious but true!

Many people do not understand the platform so they write it off as not worth their time. It’s definitely not as relationship-driven as Facebook. But it is awesome for Lead generation. Here are some tips to generate leads:

#1)Your Profile Description

The short profile description allowed on the left side of your profile is an easy way to get people to your website or offer. In fact, Twitter asks you to put in your website.

Complete your profile description and include a link to your offer. Have a way to capture your visitors contact information so they become a lead.

As you gain more followers from your target market, some of them will click on your capture page.

#2)Your Tweets

An awesome way to capture leads is to attach capture page links to your tweets. However it’s best to provide value with some capture page links mixed in so it doesn’t come across as over-selling.

Tweet value to your target market. For instance, inspirational quotes (picture quotes & text quotes, blog posts, videos, and pictures.

#3)Direct messages

You can prospect or market to your new followers by messaging them directly. Simply start a conversation and build a relationship, much like you would do on Facebook.

Or you can send out an automatic message to anyone that follow you back.

Check out this training on how to set up automatic direct messaging.

#4)Growing Your Account

The more your audience grows, the more traffic you are driving toward your offer. So you have more opportunity to get leads by simply growing your account steadily.

Once you commit to focusing on Twitter daily, you can grow your account quicker than you might think. You can follow a maximum of 1K people daily. Imagine if if you could get 50 – 100 follow backs daily. That’s 1K – 3K followers per month!

The awesome news is that you can get help with growing your account, tweeting and direct messaging by using some external Twitter applications. Instead of spending hours doing these activities manually, you can save time by letting the software do much of the work for you. It’s awesome!

Grab this FREE VIDEO Training to see how to grow your Twitter account quickly and automate many of the above lead generation techniques mentioned here. This creates true leverage for your business. You can literally spend 15-20 minutes daily and pull in leads on auto-pilot.




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